1 febbraio 2016

Down-to-earth Dolcetto dominates in Piemonte’s highest vineyards, near the Alps, in Italy’s Côte d’Or. Italy’s most friendly terroir wine is domestic and homey. Cherry crescendo and D’ohlcevita in overd’oh for a dozen dollars. Cherish it today and domani. Docile ego. True to itself 100%. No formula innuendo. Dough and not dogma. For doers – not for dolittles. A casual italiano, not a pharaoh. Generoso and jazzed up to go pop. Add D’oh!

“D’OH!” was first added to The New Oxford Dictionary of English in 1998 under the definition
“usually used in a mildly derogatory manner to comment on an action perceived as foolish”.
Just as Steve Jobs recommended in his Commencement address at Stanford, we choose to “stay foolish” in Clavesana – vintage after vintage. The brand name D’OH for wines and spirits is the sole property of Clavesana – worldwide.

il Wonderwine is a quiet wine. It talks less. It says more. The first Wonderwines are from Piemonte – Italy’s most terroiriste area.

D’OH! D’ohlightful Dolcetto.
B’OH! Barolo. Nothing else.
N’OH! The Positively Nonchalant Nebbiolo.
B’AH! B’ahrbaric. The bare it all Barbera.

Wanderlust? M’ohre vin’oh soon.


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