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Barolo docg Ravera

Barolo docg Ravera

Barolo DOCG Ravera is the purest expression of an excellent vintage that brought us a balanced, delicate and very elegant wine. Both the work in the vineyard and in the cellar was very careful to fully enhance a product with a great aging capacity.


Our Barolo Ravera di Novello is born in a small vineyard in the heart of the Langhe at an altitude above 400m. above sea level around a hill with east and southeast exposure; the arrangement on the high side of the hill and the good exposure allow the ideal irradiation to obtain a correct ripening of the bunches.


Our Barolo DOCG Ravera stands out for its freshness brought about by a sustained and well-balanced acidity; the hints are those of small red fruits followed by balsamic notes and sweet spices. The well-marked and velvety tannins return a wine of great elegance and an intense final length.


Due to its structure and its elegance, for which it has also earned the nickname of "king of wines and wine of kings", Barolo DOCG needs to be paired with structured, complex, refined dishes. In general it goes well with truffle-based dishes, such as Piedmontese tajarin, or with braised meat, but it is also ideal to sip alone, as a meditation wine.