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Dogliani DOCG

Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita

Dogliani is a DOCG wine made exclusively from Dolcetto grapes. It is the finest expression of this variety, which offers its best in the area that extends across the Barolo and Alta Langa zones and the Cuneo plain, crossed by rivers and white ravines, rocky walls of marl and tuff that drop vertically to the valley floor, known as "calanchi".

Dogliani DOCG is produced in the Bassa Langa area, in a handful of municipalities: Bastia Mondovì, Belvedere Langhe, Briaglia, Castellino Tanaro, Ciglié, Clavesana, Dogliani, Farigliano, Igliano, Marsaglia, Monchiero, Niella Tanaro, Piozzo, Rocca Ciglié, Carrù, Mondovì, Murazzano, Roddino, S. Michele Mondovì, Somano and Vicoforte. The vineyards enjoy excellent exposure at an altitude of 250-600 metres above sea level.  

Dogliani DOCG has a deep ruby red colour with purple highlights, an intense scent of flowers and fresh fruit, like blackberry and wild cherry, with a smooth and harmonious flavour and a pleasant and fragrant aftertaste characterised by a slight hint of almond; moderate acidity adds a touch of unique vivacity.

Dogliani DOCG is a highly versatile wine for drinking with meals.  It pairs well with everyday dishes, especially risottos and fresh egg pasta such as ravioli, tajarin and tagliatelle with meat sauce.