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Dogliani DOCG Superiore

Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita

Dogliani Superiore is a DOCG wine made from 100% Dolcetto grapes grown in the oldest vineyards - with an average age of more than 25 years - in areas where the soils allow the variety to achieve its finest expression, thanks also to a minimum of 12 months’ ageing.

The Dogliani Superiore DOCG production zone is in Southern Piedmont, in the lower part of the Langhe, along the rivers that divide the plains from the hills, and dates back to Roman or Pre-Romam times. The wine is named after the town where the first document to indicate the Dolcetto grape variety was found, in 1593.

Dogliani Superiore DOCG has a ruby red colour in which the purplish highlights of Dogliani give way to a slight garnet hue which develops with age. The bouquet offers fruity notes, typically fruits of the forest and other summer fruits with a vinous touch, like cherries and blackcurrants. Dogliani Superiore is beautifully elegant and drinkable on the palate, with a pleasant contrast between balsamic sensations and a slightly almond finish.

Dogliani Superiore DOCG maintains the characteristic drinkability of the Dolcetto grape. It lends itself well to pairing with tasty, well-structured dishes, those typically served on Sundays, like lasagne or pasta with meat sauce, continuing its ideal partnership with roast meats as well as stuffed vegetables or escalopes with mushrooms.