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Langhe DOC Nebbiolo BIO

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

The first production of Langhe DOC Nebbiolo BIO enriches our offer in the range of organic wines with a product that stands out for its robustness and harmony.
The labels chosen for this production are made of a material coming from 100% recycled fibres.


The vineyards for the Langhe DOC Nebbiolo BIO are located at heights between 200 and 400 meters above sea level in hills expertly exposed for optimal solar radiation. The planting soil has the typical characteristics of the Langhe with the presence of marl and clay which contribute to establishing a unique terroir for our vines.


In the glass the Langhe Nebbiolo BIO has a bright color while the nose is dominated by notes of ripe fruit and spices. The taste is a perfect balance between the acidic and tannic parts resulting in a pleasant persistence and fullness.


Meat dishes, even particularly elaborate ones such as braised meats and stews. Also excellent with particularly aged cheeses.