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Langhe DOC Dolcetto

Denominazione di origine controllata

Langhe Dolcetto is a DOC wine made from 100% Dolcetto and is estimated to be the most popular mealtime wine in the Langhe. It differs from the other types of Dolcetto made in Piedmont in terms of terroir and vinification.  Langhe DOC Dolcetto matures in steel tanks. 

Produced with Dolcetto grapes in the Langa and Alta Langa areas, grown in vineyards situated 250-600 metres above sea level, in clayey and clayey marl soils.

Langhe DOC Dolcetto has a medium-deep red colour with vibrant highlights ranging from ruby to purple. The bouquet is balanced, vinous and delicately spicy, while the palate reveals youthful savoury sensations and some dry tannic notes.

Langhe DOC Dolcetto is a mealtime wine and is the most popular in the Langhe, ideal with everyday dishes that are simple and not too elaborate: pasta dishes, especially those served with meat sauces, such as ragout, and agnolotti, as well as main courses such as steak and meatballs.