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Langhe DOC Favorita

Denominazione in origine controllata

Langhe Favorita is a white DOC wine made from the Favorita grape, a biotype of Vermentino, currently cultivated in the area around the town of Alba, in the Roero and in the Alta Valle Belbo. 

Produced with Favorita grapes in the Langhe and Roero areas, in vineyards situated 250-400 metres above sea level: it prefers poor soils with a large amount of sand.

Langhe DOC Favorita has a characteristic straw yellow colour. The bouquet is reminiscent of its cousin, Vermentino, characterised by white flowers and white-fleshed fruit like peaches. The palate confirms the fruity and floral scents, with a pleasantly crisp sensation that balances acidity and smoothness.

Langhe DOC Favorita is a white wine that pairs well with fresh summery dishes, especially seafood, like grilled prawns, or octopus with potatoes. Also excellent with fresh, mild cheeses, and with light aperitifs, including focaccia and crudités.