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Langhe DOC Rosato

Denominazione di origine controllata

Langhe Rosato is a DOC wine made from red grapes, in this specific case from Dolcetto. A smooth, light and harmonious wine, it adapts perfectly to numerous occasions, thanks to its versatility and drinkability.

Produced with Dolcetto grapes in the Langa and Alta Langa areas, grown in vineyards situated 250-600 metres above sea level, in silty loam soils.

Langhe DOC Rosato has a beautiful, deep and vibrant salmon pink colour. Its floral and fruity bouquet reveals scents reminiscent of wild strawberries. Fresh, pleasant, harmonious and mineral on the palate, well balanced and smooth.

Langhe DOC Rosato is a wine that goes well with fish dishes, such as shellfish, molluscs and oysters, but also with seafood pasta, sushi or fish crudités, and sea urchins. Excellent as an aperitif and with both vegetarian and vegan cuisine.